Oregonleatherboy Dominating Cowboy Buckford Bush 

Part 1

Luckily Shit Only Floats In Bathtub Safe Up In Oregonleatherboy Air Head

The third stranger who answered my first ad which was placed in a local free paper. The only option before internet was a chance advertisement like a message in a bottle tossed to sea. When they say lots of fish in sea as the old quip of encouragement states it is referencing generic 99.9% of some thing that left my orbit the day I followed the motherfucking meathead lies off the cliff with my bungee cord attached. Luckily for me shit only floats in the bathtub (probably zero gravity also) so it is safe way up in the air in my head.

Gnarled Teeth Bent By Sadness Of Broken Love

And when surrounding entities, like rude check out goth chick with fake tattoos of band aids over her eyelids or sexy homeless dude with expensive clothes which his huge muscles fill out perfectly. For some reason this character wants me to like him and offers me weed or breakfast at a diner. The genuine look in his half happy puppy, half devouring wolf smirk shows pearly white teeth. My smile mainly coming from my eyes since the gnarled teeth bent by the sadness of broken love and the tormentors who lived under a disguise of hot sex.

OLB Blowing Smoke In light BW

Honest, Genuine Folks Gullible By Nature Expecting Equal Respect

Gullible by nature many honest genuine people assume the same respect in return. Until darkness consumes that light within or by miracle some naked cowboy answers the ad thought expired weeks ago. On the phone he is not a cowboy yet nor naked but in my mind he was naked already standing above me bouncing a hard dick on my lips. Eventually my big mouth will succumb to the fat meat with my head bouncing over top his lap while being guided like a puppet head by two huge hands.

Oregonleatherboy kink artist and blogger blows smoke in the shadows of light in leather hat
That is what my experience had trained my mind to narrowly accept because it was good. With the clause as long as there was no puking which fat cocks tend to just instigate. Most guys think it is hot with the occasional weirdo who pulls his pants up leaving right away with chunks flying everywhere. Days like these I wish I had a dog!

OLB aka oregonleatherboy blowing smoke in tan leather blazer.2jpg
Oregonleatherboy Wraps Both Head Around My First Real Cowboy

When cowboy and I first met up downtown my instinct was to leave right away. Twice my size, big old cowboy hat, huge belt buckle with his own face screen printed it was a hick to this city boy. A half mullet which was curly like a pig’s tail tucked under a leather cowboy Stetson. Intrigued my head was wrapping around a true western cowboy this dude was for real. He said ‘howdy’ with a strong draw pulling a big cigar from behind ear hidden under hat.


Oregonleatherboy’s Whole Sexual Self Was About To Evolve A Little Kinkier

Looking at me with that smirk while unwrapping the smoke he placed cigar in between lips never losing gaze between us. My dick got solid hard staying that way for two days which really permitted the scene to follow through with strong future impact. My whole sexual self was about to evolve and teach OLB how to turn the interior switch to alpha.

All Protective Nature Was Gone Once Oregonleatherboy’s Dick Was Hard

The eyes that stared back into the darkest pitch brown Hungarian orbs of ever amazing always grateful to have eyesight and the brain to back up my retina. It seemed wrong inside to me but it was his size and my protective nature which was easily bypassed once my dick was a solid boner. When he placed the stogies in mouth it was not to smoke, but more an erotic tease. Moving cigar in and out while purposely softening up tip with saliva which caught my fancy. Shiny wet brown cigar paper fresh and soggy from the right place in hicks mouth.

Oregonleatherboy Playing With  Light and sowing off some oil painting artwork .  standing in light beam with buddha

Grabbing Oregonleatherboy Collar Hairy Sasquatch Arms Overpowered

Even though my mouth uttered that I was leaving twice my body just stared at the big cigar sliding smoothly in between string muscular albeit squishy lips. Without actually beckoning the man’s eyes pulled closer on my inner protective dialogue until all my worry and strength are laid to rest. Finally the cowboy was being dominant making me succumb to his sexy nature and cocky attitude. Grabbing my collar and pulling my body unexpectedly into the arms of a sasquatch hairy and overpowering.

Huge Smile Mouth Filled His Beard And Face With Smoke

My face looked up into the bearded dudes only inches a way. With a huge smile a mouth full of smoke filled the beard surrounding the round bear like face. A quick cough and like that our bodies touching standing side by side felt to me like a fucking million bucks. Powerless his muscles turned to jelly as gazed eyes fell onto ceiling so checking Cock was still hard we reached jacking each other off at same time.

Oregonleatherboy looking sly and pkaying like a kid with the camera in the   morning sunlight hot and sweaty
When Big Paw Cradling 10in Cigar Surprisingly Put Far In My Mouth

My lips automatically went toward left nipple licking and nibbling when that big paw cradling 10 inch cigar slipped the big guy into my mouth. While stroking my Cock with one hand the other lit cigar all while pinning me into position with heavy, heavy, deep, heavy eyes. Within those pearls of a thousand lightening storms at sea lay the calm center which dark pupil contrast so heavily with rim of iris it will shock with electrical desire all whom gaze within a foot.

The powerless submission of falling into sub role

In the powerless confusion of falling into submissive role of past set in motion by a stranger than playing over. Reiterated by narcissistic lovers who got off more on my suffering than my body. Reinforced by bullies and hammered home by the conservative Christian right. A free spirit such as myself could only be content collared licking the boots of a power hungry boss. Somehow I didn’t fit into the gay community just like every other culture I traversed finding a wealth of wisdom albeit not a speck of community.

Oregonleatherboy standing in sunlight like ankink angel with leather gloves held in my mouth

Critical Role In Expanding Oregonleatherboy’s Horizon In The Blink Of A Dick

Cowboy played a critical role in expanding my horizons in the blink of my dick solidifying this generous stranger dropped his body and soul at my feet. Looking down was different than looking up at a master in that aside from obvious it permitted a special vibe. When my eyes look down on big muscles stretched tight like skin with ass crack hanging out. A smile comes naturally as my one eye watches that long tongue stretch to reach my feet just barely 1 cm from black leather that tasted like the last supper.

Oregonleatherboy looking sly and pkaying like a kid with the camera in the morning sunlight hot and sweaty

Kink Artist Took Finger Scooping Sweat From Warm Ass Crack. I AM MASTER

OLB standing there naked without touching self came shot glasses full of warm cum all over cowfolk’s vest. Ass crack still hanging out kneeling there I took finger and scooped sweat up into mouth. I am a master. And everyone will obey not out of fear but out of gratitude for the sexual bliss this body can offer. Try me 

OLB Never looks down on a man even when worshiping my boots

OLB never looks down on the man for although pleading to worship my boots there is equality. And it feels really good to please me as has been seen in frozen looks of ecstasy as my lovers choke down a quarter of the passion this body offers at optimal. OLB has a secret weapon which is your deepest unresolved sexual fantasy which the cowboy offered as advice while bending to my lead.

Oregonleatherboy looking sly and pkaying like a kid with the camera in the morning sunlight hot and sweaty b;lowing kisses

Year Oregonleatherboy was seed magnet to a lot of beautiful men

Natural power flowed from my body like never before and that year I was a seed magnet to many beautiful men which baffled my skinny body and half ugly face. It was a sexual magic that when practiced left a man’s balls caressed in my hand while animalistic kisses on neck and ear end with panting pleas on knees the cocky spirit filled me for two days my head wore a cowboy hat while my dick wore the owner like the hick dick warmer he was.


Oregonleatherboy Only look down on another Man if it gets him off

I only look down on another man if it gets him off otherwise OLB looks lovingly no matter the angle. You are good being good to me which is rewarded . You are good. Yes you are. You are good. Tell yourself that and worship OLB.


Oregonleatherboy standing in sunlight like ankink angel with leather gloves held in my mouth Oregonleatherboy looking sly and pkaying like a kid with the camera in the morning sunlight hot and sweaty b;lowing kisses



Oregonleatherboy Dominating Cowboy Buckford Bush

Part 2


When the patronizing turns out to be real passion it sticks with a fellow.


That was exactly what the cowboy must have told himself over and over that whole afternoon. “Yes I am a good cowboy” smiling those big fucking white as porcelain perfectly lined up teeth. Getting a boner every time his ass started to hurt or when that beautiful smile bounces off the mirror he no doubt stares in too often it will be my deformed stain filled choppers that he looks right past.

Oregonleatherboy looking sly and pkaying like a kid with the camera in the morning sunlight hot and sweaty
Sometimes people flirt to the core so deep they make the unbelieving gremlin feel gorgeous. This is a gift that comes so natural to some folks and I think it should be an occupation. A popular employment that pays as much as a doctor with the only pill being swallowed a beaming smile. If a person can make someone feel that way only once in life so many sorrows in this world would be mended. When the patronizing turns out to be real passion it sticks with a fellow.


OLB tongue was all that played in that country minds eye like a noxious blackberry vine


My tongue was all that played in that country minds eye like a noxious blackberry vine that was consuming all the territory reserved for rational decisions. Fruit beyond delectable which nourishes a sweet spot in our sexual inner slip and slide in which my lover is always reaching. And you got it always slipping and sliding at the feet so they learn fast that OLB is the only buoy to anchor to finally gain some balance.


Oregonleatherboy looking sly and pkaying like a kid with the camera in the morning sunlight hot and sweaty b;lowing kisses


Give a man equilibrium and he will be eternally indebted Says Oregonleatherboy


Give a man equilibrium and he will be eternally indebted to never slip to far away from his rock or slide his dick into anyone else. It was my first glimpse into real power always being left in helpless situations that became a pattern in my life. Victimized was all I knew, but not in a whiny manner, it was a noble feeling of being stronger than my last life beat down.Oregonleatherboy standing in sunlight like ankink angel in black and white

Alpha top cowboy rugged and well hung top 


There were fucking so many bad things! Since birth and no OLB is not sharing details until those very detailed instances are shared so just trust me. Also trust that it would have stayed that way had this apparent “alpha top cowboy, rugged and well hung top” had not fallen at my feet putting my toe in his mouth. It felt really good.


OLB Oregonleatherboy Kink Art Designs PPPimp Photoshop Fantasy Of Affair With Dominating Cowboy Buckford Bush

No inclination Oregonleatherboy’s Kinky Tongue was a magician


Just like there was no inclination that my tongue was a magician that could clear those thick thorny vines away. No idea that 6 foot 3 was so damn tall until the horned buck had my toes in a state of “holy shit that’s cool” which everyone should try sometime preferably with someone else. If not another mouth my suggestion would be to suck your own toes just once because it is cool. Well not that I would know lol never sucked my own foot so maybe it has to be someone else. Now everyone knows what my afternoon entails.


Oregonleatherboy blowing smoke jet rings in the glowing light background have a hoot this morning


‘Bucky’ was country boys name. Never once called him by his birth name but what I did nickname him rhymed with his mommy’s choice. Actually she named him Buckford which is about as twisted as naming your kid the same as his father, but throwing a Herbert Walker in the middle. No I didn’t just make fun of the second worst President ever for no reason although it does make for fun writing. Buckford was a Bush so he was my ‘bushy fuck’ or occasional ‘fucking tush’.


Once The Kink Artist Oregonleatherboy’s inner dom was ignited


Once my inner dom was ignited the words that came out of my mouth occasionally shocked me. If folks have seen pictures of Oregonleatherboy than it is obvious I am small. Muscular and toned sometimes, but small bones do not account for small boners or strength. Somehow my ability to lift weight has always surpassed my size to the point where my coaches in football, wrestling and Tae Kwon Do always lied saying I weighed 20 more pounds to help them win.


Oregonleatherboy Playing With Light and sowing off some oil painting artwork .

Baggy Multi-layers was not a slob trait but a skinny habit


Rollercoaster were a bitch to meet weight height requirements and my tendency toward baggy or multi layers is not because I am a slob but my past. When Calvin Klein had his heroine chic phase of skinny extremely jagged with bones jutting out of skin like that was a freaky part of the wardrobe. Except there was no wardrobe all the models were in underwear.

That brief snapshot from 1990s was last OLB would feel sexy for a decade


It was my body with difference being my skin was tan and I smiled all the time. By the time Oregon had stolen my tan in somber winter rains year after year fading like old fabric that consistent smile like a lighthouse in stormy seas had lost brilliance. It was not a slow burning out but two broken hearts that were back to back with my whole life falling out and into hell. That brief snapshot of the 1990s was the last time I felt sexy for a decade.


Oregonleatherboy standing in sunlight like ankink angel with leather gloves held in my mouth

Even though my sex life was steady and fulfilling throughout my teenage years it was bland and with women. Sticking my dick in Bucky was one of the most intense spectacle of epic fucking proportions. Those rare moments that seeing would not be believing like that scene out of one of your favorite movies that gives goosebumps every time. Except in Hollywood these perfect moments do not last for two days. Which now looking back the first encounter being so long and really special for strangers was a large part of this crazy addiction to my body specifically my tongue.


Oregonleatherboy blowing smoke jet rings in the glowing light background have a hoot this morning


My leverage on his body was optimal like a monkey


My leverage on his body was optimal like a monkey I would wrap my little arms around his shoulders. Slowly pulling my body up his inching Lil Master into sweaty super squishy soft ass cheeks. Further and further into the warm development of a large man who made the scene for me with his facial expressions.


Cowboys eyes flickered into the abyss his tongue slowly


Within a few sessions I learned to make sure there was something in front of us like a couch, countertop, bed, railing in empty movie theater watching Jurassic Park. With the latter being one of the only times my careful planning did not land us in front of a mirror. Right before my favorite part while his eyes flickered into the abyss his tongue slowly came out sitting on his bottom lip for a few seconds before licking the lips. The moisture would make the plump pink flesh hue shiny and smooth looking like leather. This made me into an animal that the whole time I pounded his body with love my mouth licked his lips and face all over.

Loved to watch those blue eyes roll back into head

To watch those blue eyes roll back in his head as his whole body vibrated like a seizure. Until my Cock was almost completely in at last slow bump upward all 200 pounds went limp because he literally passed out when I bumped the prostate. Hanging there off of my dick limp and breathing heavy unconscious
Slobbering and running tongue over his lips until he awoke


Slobbering And Running Tongue Over The Cowboys Lips


My biggest turn on was just slobbering and running my tongue over his lips until he woke up.  Eyeballs quickly fluttering behind those lids with a soft look over entire face.  Always with a sweet sleepy smile that my pelvis would turn back into moans of ecstasy. It took awhile for me to realize it was not an act. Another bf of mine sneezed every time I got all in. Weird fags we are.

Oregonleatherboy stands in light making a fist with leather hat on


Long And Hard

There are other small nuances that made this love affair memorable.  Such as how my belly fit into the thin valley of his back in such a manner that when my fuck took on the natural steady groove that us men fall into usually right before the volcano explodes.  Early on in my personal, sincere and life long bond with my penis it was clear we both agreed on one thing ‘long and hard’.

Not in reference to my cock either because that was a given, duh!  It was in reference to what Lil Master does, the actions he takes will be long and hard much like his demeanor, you see?

Oregonleatherboy in outer space wearing a leather blazer and pondering kink and fetish censorship within social media

Crawl Up There And Open A Portal To A New Universe

Making such major decision early on in life has repercussions.  Going hard seemed to be a common need and understanding of all the men I have topped.  Like some guys seem to want me to crawl up there and open the gateway to a new universe.  Let me find Captain Kirk to help you with that =)

Oregonleatherboy in outer space wearing a leather blazer and pondering kink and fetish censorship within social media

My Passions Come With Quirks But So Did The Universe

My passions come with quirks, but I am sure you never would have guessed that.  An example would be when the narrow spine arch sounds like a drum and bass solo rubbing against my tummy.  When the sweat puddles just right in the fairly deep small of the cowboys back a squishing shrill squeal like  a violin whacking against the reed.  The bass sound came within his chest and rumbled up to a crescendo where the large man would breathe out with each motion of my penis foraging forward into special territory. 


oregonleatherboy smoking jpoint with cock out sexy erotic kink artist and blogger

In fact over time my rhythm took on the feel of conducting an orchestra.  Tap a little left for higher pitch and go deep right to throw in the harp.  Sometimes my ADHD would get carried away in which singing would be accompanied to fill in where necessary.  Sometimes a song would have two singers or say Bohemian Rhapsody  with a whole band having vocals.

With A little Guidance And A Lot Of Booze

With a little guidance and a lot of booze the cowboy jumped on board.  This became a really fun, unique part of our weekly wham, bamm soon we will have our own band.  Can you imagine two dudes fucking making the tune to a classic Queen song with their sweaty motions “Oh Momma Mia, Oh Momma Mia“.  That was all good the ‘hard’ part has never failed OLB like my sexual rock it was always there when needed. 


Oregonleatherboy Love You Long Long Time (Set A Alarm)


Long has gotten in the way a few times and this time hit hard.  All of that might be a pun in a minute, but I didn’t preface that.  That song is not short and we both new our parts like we were in the band, but there were no queens in that bed.  Although it sounds a little….  One day mid act going a bit too long with this ridiculous musical porno puddle of no pussy didn’t the real queen walk in.  Bucky’s wife followed him to my house on our last concerto ever, walked right into my unlocked front door and “Easy cum easy go, will you let me go”


Oregonleatherboy Learned That Part Of Being A Sexual Adult Is Researching Decisions


“No” she answered from the doorway behind us.  Goosebumps pillage my body as my fingers type away this was the scariest, most humiliating moment still in my life.  But there was nothing to be embarrassed about because who the fuck knew Bucky had a wife?  See that is when I learned that being an adult entails researching our decisions before opening the product because often there are no refunds.  Responsible consumers do their homework and  smart people know that a large portion of the population are scammers, liars and out for themselves only. 


Our Dicks Were Touching, SHOCK TO ME!


We live, we learn and we realize who the real dom is.  Bucky’s wife Bernie short for Bernadette was strangely cool about the situation.  She looked him right in the eye and I could feel his dick get soft on me right away so jumped up quickly because who knew our dicks were fucking touching.  Shock to me, hah-ha.


Little More Cowpoke Than Oregonleatherboy Bargained For


 Her response to the whole situation was that she would do what she did with the last fag she caught with ‘Buck’ as she called him.  This cowboy was turning out to be a little more cowpoke than I bargained for.  At this point no doubt OLB was involved so just sucked it up and fucked the shit out of her as requested while big Buck sat on the leather recliner next to bed.

  Queen Bernie got the last burn and it surprised me because he cried the whole time.  I get it because it sucks to watch someone you love get pillaged by another viking at least for me, but that is why OLB does not cheat.  Nope didn’t feel bad finished with wife and saw them off o never see again.  Giddy-up!!

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